Ladies Championship

The Championship of 1904 was won by Lottie Dod, who made the transition from champion tennis player to golfer, having won the Ladies Lawn Tennis Championship at Wimbledon in 1887, 88, 91, 92 and 93.

The final at Troon reflected the early interest in the game of golf; when over 6,000 spectators witnessed Miss Dod win by 1 hole.

1904 Miss L Dod beat Miss M Hezlet
1925 Miss J Wethered beat Miss C Leitch
1952 Miss M Paterson beat Miss F Stephens
1984 Miss J Rosenthal beat Miss J Brown


Scottish Ladies Close Amateur Championship

Inaugurated in 1903, this Championship has provided winners who have been successful over many years. Helen Holm, a Member of The Ladies' Golf Club, Troon, being a good example, winning the title five times between 1930 and 1950.

This fine record was surpassed by Belle Robertson, also a Member of the same Club who won the title on no less than seven occasions over a period of twenty years.

1907 Miss F Teacher beat Miss D Campbell
1949 Miss J Donald beat Mrs H Holm
1957 Miss M Speir beat Mrs H Holm
1963 Mrs JB Lawrence beat Mrs IC Robertson
1982 Miss J Connachan beat Miss P Wright