Environmental Management Plan


Environmental Update Autumn (2018)

Royal Troon Golf Club continues to uphold and enhance the good practices identified in our GEO Certification (2014) and enshrined in our commitment to the environmental ideals for sustainability at Open venues promoted by the R&A’s ‘Green Links Programme’. Read more


Bird Walk Analysis by Dougal McIntyre (2018)

Since coming to live in Troon in 1980 we (Janet and Dougal McIntyre) in addition to enjoying our membership playing golf on the links, have taken exercise walking our children and occasional visitors around the golf courses and beach as the mood took us. Initially our route would vary in length and direction dictated mainly by available time and weather conditions. By 2005 however, a longer and more fixed route had been adopted for the early mornings before the golfers were about to help reduce our ever-increasing waistlines as we got older. I had also in this period taken to recording bird varieties that we happened to see on each morning walk. Read more


Butterfly Audit Summer (2015)

The adverse weather conditions experienced in early summer were not propitious, but, despite the persistently cool, wet and windy summer, all eleven types of butterfly identified last year were still present, with the exception of the Large White, while the Green-veined White and the Orange Tip were recorded for the first time. Thriving populations of Common Blue, Meadow Brown, Ringlet and Small Heath butterflies were still present. Read more


Butterfly Audit Summer (2014)

A butterfly audit of the Old Course was conducted this summer by a volunteer from the Scottish Wildlife Trust to assess the current status of the site. In all some 11 different species of butterfly were identified with thriving populations of Common Blue, Meadow Brown, Ringlet, Small Heath and Dark Green Fritillary. Read more 


Ornithological Audit (2014)

An Ornithological Audit of the Old Course was carried out between January and May 2014 by Antony Wainwright (STRI). The attached report documents both the range of breeding birds at Royal Troon and the much wider range of birdlife which can be seen on and around the course. Read more


Ornithological Audit (2004)

Royal Troon Old Course boasts a wide range of breeding birds, many of them flourishing due to the care and attention paid to the management of the course by the staff. Links golf courses provide an almost unique opportunity for birds and Man to benefit from each others’ presence. Read more