Royal Troon Golf Club offers excellent services to help improve your game, from custom fitting and repairs, to checking the loft and lie of your golf clubs.

The following services are available from the Professional Team.

Custom Fit

The world's top professionals are using the most suitable equipment for their game. Tiger Woods does not use the same flex shaft as Jim Furyk for example. You are not maximising your potential unless you have at least investigated the various aspects below. The custom fit process involves using a launch monitor which records clubhead speed, ball speed and spin rate. These are vital in selecting the correct equipment.


Shafts can be fitted based on a players characteristics for instance, strength, clubhead speed, ball flight. Steel or graphite shafts have different specifications such as flex, weight and torque. These can be specified when ordering.


Different grips can be fitted based on hand size, wrist release during the swing and feel. Thicker grips are available for players with larger hands and quicker hand speeds. There are various styles of grip available based on a players personal preference. Options include cord, wrap and soft styles.

Loft, Lie & Length

Are your clubs set up properly for you? Should a tall player be using the same clubs as a shorter player? The Lie angle of the club head can be altered to suit your address / impact position. Considerations include your height, arm length and swing plane.


Most sets now don't include a sand wedge as players prefer to have a wedge system. Wedges are available from lofts of 45 to 64 degrees. In recent years players have tackled the problem of the large gap between the pitching and sand wedge by introducing a middle loft wedge often known as a gap wedge. It is important to plan your wedge loft combination in order to control distance properly.

Another important factor which is often over looked is a wedge's bounce angle. This is the angle on the sole of the club and the leading edge. This angle is important as it is the point which makes contact with the ground. A player can choose a bounce angle to suit their style of play or their home course. For instance a low bounce is suitable for links courses with tight lies. Where as a high bounce is more suited to softer ground to prevent the club digging in.


There are many head options in all clubs. The style of head should be chosen based on the player's ability, personal preference and whether they are looking for enhanced accuracy, distance, control, consistency and feel.


The type of ball has a huge effect on feel and distance. What is your priority? We can advise you on which ball is most suitable for you.


As mentioned above it is vital that you have the correct equipment in order to improve and enjoy your game. We offer a full repair service, from re-shafts to re-grips. There is a selection of grips available to be seen in the Professional Shop.

Visitor Play 2019

Visitors are welcomed from Monday 15 April 2019 - Tuesday 8 October 2019 on Mondays, Tuesdays & Thursdays.

Old Course
9.00am until 10.30am
2.30pm until 4.00pm

Portland Course
9.00am until 10.30am

Please note:
From Monday 23 September 2019 - Tuesday 8 October 2019, tee times on the Old Course are available in the mornings only between 9.00am - 10.30am.


Closure Dates

Thursday 16 April 2020 (Helen Holm Scottish Women's Open Championship)

Monday 3 August - Sunday 30 August 2020 (AIG Women's British Open)